Hi! My name is Melanie Stern.

Melanie Stern I’m the “Melanie” of

I call myself a Talent Concierge. You may call me a Jack of All Trades. I’m comfortable with both statements. Here’s why:

I’m the one who finds needles in haystacks that allow companies to solve their business problems. The one who talks to job seekers from all over the world: the visionaries, the innovators, the dreamers, the disruptors, the award winners, the diamonds in the rough, and the “un-gettable” ones that every hiring manager wants.

I’m also the one who champions and empowers the tried-and-true like job seekers who have always been top contributors in their companies but may have been laid off due to restructuring. They haven’t looked for a job for more than a decade, discover that things have changed a lot, and want my help to boost their confidence whether on paper, social media, job search strategies, or the interview process.

And finally, I’m the one who actively identifies and roots out bias in the hiring process and gently (usually) but firmly points this out to hiring managers and talent acquisition staff. I teach them how to evaluate people unlike themselves to make the best hires for their company’s future growth plans. My belief is that when you know better, you do better.